Youngsters Suspected as Boko Haram Members Mass Arrest

In a move to eradicate insurgency, actions are being done to arrest and keep in custody youngsters who are alleged to be associated with the notorious Boko Haram sect.

Authorities in Cameroon have started the move to minimize the activities of terror group in their country. The move is to reduce insurgency to the least minimum by taking in custody youngsters suspected of having association with terrorist group.

However, the rights of the young boys have to be protected while trying to attain the goal. Currently, the existence of Boko Haram has by now violated the freedom of many citizens.

Various forms and degrees of abuse by the terror group have been reported in northern region which is the most affected area in the Cameroon.

The arrival of refugees who fled their homes due to the violent attacks of Boko Haram to Cameroon is now a major alarm to the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund. The refugees’ activities are becoming a strain on Cameroon.

The arrest alone of the youngsters believed to be associated with the terror group is already very disturbing. At this time, there is no sureness on the number of young boys and girls being detained. It is even devastating that several detained girls are being married off.

Young men in Nigeria are repeatedly arrested and detained for having forms of looking like a Boko Haram member.

There are times that the physical attributes of these young people are being utilized for analysis. A lot of innocent young boys are being taken away for looking similar with those in the wanted list members of Boko Haram sect.

Fighting insurgency should never be taken for granted, but the United Nations also put importance on the need for the youngsters’ protection. This will help in the prevention of any possible abuse in any form.

Due to the insurgency, over 274,000 refugees from countries in Central Africa are now being hosted by Cameroon. Out of this number, 74,000 are from Nigeria. The far north region of Cameroon is the most affected part. This is also the area most attacked by Boko Haram crisis.

Over a hundred thousand residents of that area have been displaced. This number made up largely of women and children who have to flee their homes consequently not to be killed by the terrorists.

These people who fled their residences are now settling in the distant areas of Cameroon where access to basic services such as food is nil. Millions of refugees are now starving and assistance from humanitarian societies are nonexistent.

It is a big wonder how many people have really died due to this problem with Boko Haram. There are news that over 2,000 people were slaughtered in just one assault in Borno state.

It is devastating that there is no way of knowing the accurate number of people who died. There is only hope that the essential needs for life of the relocated people be addressed.

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