Yaounde, Major Cameroon Cities Plagued with Water Shortage

Yaounde – On March 22, Wednesday, World Water Day will be observed, however Cameroon is among the countries which are not privileged to enjoy access to water.

In Cameroon, residents in most cities are experiencing water cuts often; especially at schools. Students at Grace Nursery and primary school in the locality of Damas at Yaoundé, the country’s capital, bring in their bags water bottles.

The head of the school, Jannette Nanyongo said there are situations when the neighborhood which their school is situated suffers from having no pipe-borne water supply for a month. Frequently, children come to school late because they have to bring water to school.

About three kilometers from the neighborhood of Damas, hundreds of residents are fetching water at a stream at Tam Tam Week End. Families are washing their clothes and animals are drinking from the said stream.

Fabian Tantoh, one of the residents getting water from that stream said that he would filter the water before he drinks it. For almost two weeks past, there is no pipe-borne water supply in his area and people depend on water from rain which they filter for drinking.

However, not all people are given filter; therefore some are drinking water direct from the stream. The people who can afford get bottled water.

With the over three million population of Yaoundé, barely 35 percent of the needed 300,000 cubic meters of pipe-borne water are being supplied. Most people are turning to unsafe water sources just to get the supply they need.

Cameroon is planning to increase the water supply of Yaoundé by 500,000 cubic meters in two years time by tapping into one of Cameroon’s largest rivers, Sanaga. This move will supply over 30 percent to 60 percent of the population of Yaoundé.

The United Nations, which manages the yearly World Water Day campaign, reveals that there are more than 663 million people around the world living without safe provision of water.

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