Women in Cameroon Promote Wider Political Involvement

Yaoundé, Cameroon – Women in Cameroon were advised by civil society groups in line with year’s International Women’s Day to enlist and vote for the proliferation of wider participation of women in decision making in their localities.

Gracia Fonyuy, singer and gender activist, make use of her voice to persuade women in Yaoundé to assert their rights.

Among the listeners is Sali Hamadikou, a 45-year old first-time registered voter.

Hamadikou revealed that the said activities prior to the celebration of the International Women’s Day had made men to permit their wives and daughters to be registered voters; especially, at the Muslim regions of Cameroon, where Hamadikou resides.

Women in Cameroon are insignificantly represented on voters’ lists and in decision-making groups, from councils in the villages up to the legislative body.

Right to Education

The long-established ruler of Chomba village in the northwestern region of Cameroon, Fon Fobuzie Martin Asanji said that parents should be encouraged to send both their sons and daughters to school.

He further declared that women must be enriching themselves especially in the field of education since they can’t be part of the parliament or become mayors if they don’t have education.

More Women in Politics, a local NGO with its president, Justine Diffo has organized nationwide caravans for the last three months and held in regional centers events for the promotion of women’s day.

The NGO is focusing on young women and girls as they aim to raise the number of women joining in elections in Cameroon by at least 60 percent.

Although women are only 52 percent of the full-grown population in Cameroon, the women at least comprise half of the registered voters according to statistics given by ELECAM last year.

Mayor Celestine Ketcha Courtes of Bangante, Western Cameroon said that women must help other women by encouraging them to register and vote.

The government of Cameroon committed to support actions to offer similar opportunities to women and girls.

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