Warriors Not Distracted with Monetary Issues

Willard Katsande, the skipper of Warriors assured their fans that the team will not be distracted with monetary issues and will focus on the finals of the Africa Cup of Nations 2017 in two week’s time in Gabon.

The players are still in negotiations over their allowances and bonuses with Zifa for their appearance at the biyearly soccer games.

Several members of the team revealed that they are demanding for a $5,000 fee per player for every game of their three matches and a $300 daily allowance.

On the other hand, the skipper declared that the team was in high spirits and maintained concentrated on their third participation at the African soccer tournament.

Katsande is aware that there are some situations regarding money, but quickly pointed out that the players will not allow that monetary concern affect their game and make impact at the tournament.

He acknowledged that they need money, but is keen on not letting those issues ruin their performance. He believed that the technical people are addressing the concerns, so the team would like to be concentrated on the challenge they are facing at the tournament.

The players declined the request of the head of the team to be camped at Mount Hampden’s Zifa village.

The team was billeted at a local hotel in Harare after a supporter offered to pay the tab with the assistance of the Zimbabwe Footballer’s Union.

Katsande claimed that the team’s preparations were going smooth and the only lacking is their getting accustomed to the surroundings in Gabon.

The skipper announced that everything is going well, the combinations are working greatly and all they have to do is to get familiarized in Gabon. The team is departing for Cameroon on Sunday, where they will be faced in a friendly game with the host. The match in Cameroon will be beneficial for the team since the tournament will be held at a West African country. The atmosphere is similar with Gabon, so Cameroon is the best place for them to camp before their match in Gabon.

The Warriors will start their campaign on January 15 with a match against Algeria before playing four days later against Senegal.

The team coached by Kalisto Pasuwa will have their final group stage games against Tunisia.

The Zimbabwe players hoped to step forward over the group stage for the first time after failing at the first obstacle in their two tournament appearances.

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