Uprising in Cameroon: Bishops Recommend Alternate Presidency

Bishops of Cameroon’s English-speaking areas have recommended going back to federalism in order for the presidency of the country be alternated between Francophone and Anglophone.

The communication comes after the recurring failure of conciliations between the unions of English teachers and the government, revealed by the BBC French service.

In a letter on the remonstration in southwest an northwestern Cameroon addressed to President Paul Biya, the English-speaking regions’ bishops give grounds for this proposal.

A solution to the uprisings that is shuddering the English-speaking areas of the country is being sought by the Cameroonian state.

The catastrophe came from an effort to enforce French language on the areas of Cameroon that are English-speaking.

One Response to "Uprising in Cameroon: Bishops Recommend Alternate Presidency"

  1. jasper likakene   February 27, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    this may be a part solution, but regional autonomy is a must if we are to stay in the fake union.


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