Universal Postal Union E-Commerce Project Operational Soon

The Universal Postal Union with its project named as Ecom@Africa with the goal of assisting postal organizations on the continent of Africa to improve their e-commerce sectors will soon get an electronic hub operational in Cameroon as disclosed by Bishar Abdirahman Hussein, the General Director of UPU.

The Director General made the announcement in   Yaoundé on Tuesday during a general presentation ceremony of the said project.

Bishar declared that the hub project which aims to assist small and medium sized business, especially those which are concentrated on export, to trade their products at national, regional and worldwide levels will cater to the central African sub-region.

Cameroon was selected to host the central African hub due to its strategic location and its capabilities of having all the components needed in order to setup the platform, according to Bihar.

Apparently, other hubs will be set up in South Africa for southern Africa, Cote D’Ivoire for western Africa, and Kenya for eastern Africa and also Morocco and Tunisia for northern Africa.

During the presentation of the project, Pascal-Thiery Clivaz, Deputy Director General of UPU, mentioned that the project seeks to bring together African governments towards a common goal, following a specific strategy that assists small and medium enterprises and also the citizens in gaining access to online commerce founded on the postal network.

Pascal-Thiery further declared that he is confident that UPU has the technical proficiency to implement the project and will be supporting the government of Cameroon in achieving its digital financial system vision set up by President Paul Biya.

He further announced that the UPU will put up three training centers across Africa. One in Egypt, anther in Tunisia and the third is in Cameroon to cater to Francophone Africa.

Ecom@Africa of Universal Postal Union will soon assist postal organizations in Africa and even worldwide in the future.

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