Unity Palace Grants Audience To Mr. Ban KI-Moon’s Special Representative In Central Africa Abu Musa

Yaounde, Cameroon, Africa. (Cameroon News)  – United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has sent words of congratulations to President Paul Biya on the final resolution of the Bakassi affair and his comprehensive management of the floods that have been hitting parts of Cameroon.

The message was transmitted to the head of state today by Mr. Ban KI-moon’s special representative in Central Africa Abu Musa during an audience with Mr. Biya at the Unity Palace today.

Here are some of the issues he discussed with President Biya during today’s audience.

 My visit here this morning is much more of a courtesy visit to His Excellency the President of Cameroon. I did indicate that when I came into office last year I came around but the President was on a mission outside the country so it’s normal that I still come back to present my felicitations, my greetings on one hand for having contributed to the opening of my office because it has been so long 2002 to 2011 for the office and thanks to Cameroon and other countries in the sub-region that have militated for the opening of this office and then for which we have been given the mandate. So I took the opportunity to rapidly present the mandate of my office which is much of conflict relation, good offices and coordination.

I shared with him what I have been doing since my arrival but I think we took the opportunity also to talk about a number of issues which has been the Bakassi Peninsula. As we know this issue has now been brought to a complete end since the legal issues have been resolved. Nevertheless we need to look at the issue of the population around and that the United Nations is ready to support the government whichever we do want us to act.

….Mr. Abu Musa, United Nations Secretary General Special Representative in Central Africa.

united nations building
United Nations Building.

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