Two Civilians in North Cameroon Killed by Suicide Bomber

A suicide bomber who is supposedly marking a religious situate on 25 December killed two nationals in northern Cameroon, a district frequently hit by Boko Haram rebels from Nigeria, stated by the local governor.

Governor Midjiyawa Bakari of the Far North district of Cameroon declared that the suicide bomber was obviously marking a religious situate, but he cannot tell which one directly. On Christmas, many are in churches for prayers, he added.

The suicide bomber died at the site together with an element of the security force, while the third one, a 19-year old student, died at the hospital.
Five more victims were wounded and were brought to the hospital for treatments and at present out of danger.

A Christian church in Mora town has been surrounded by policemen; it was locked down by soldiers, reported by a Christian teacher. The said town is home to Muslims, Christians, and animists.

North of Cameroon, near the borders of Chad and Nigeria, is the continuous target of Boko Haram rebels who have started their violent activities in Northern part of Nigeria since 2009.

A region-wide offensive was joined by the Cameroonian soldiers to stop the brutality of Boko Haram which has left 2.6 million people homeless and killed 20,000 people.

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