SOWEDA, MIDENO Confirm Partnership Toward Development of Cameroon Africa.

SOWEDA, MIDENO Confirm Partnership Toward Development of...

Yaounde, Cameroon Africa. (Cameroon News) SOWEDA and MIDENO are having in depth discussions about developing a common strategy to address pressing concerns like poverty and unemployment in Cameroon Africa.

Both SOWEDA and MIDENO which are organizations that the government developed are having serious talks on putting in place a single strategy towards alleviating poverty while fostering development.

The existing synergy as well as knowledge and expertise sharing between the two governmental bodies namely the North West Development Authority (MIDENO) and the South West Development Authority (SOWEDA), have received a positive thrust after four officers from the top brass of MIDENO went on a high profile tour to Buea.

buea cameroon Buea - South West Province Capital
Mile 17 Motor Bus Park in buea cameroon Buea – South West Province Capital

Enclosed inside the purview of improving synergies and enhancing cooperation, the visit from February 21 to 23, provided both the bodies a great chance to not just indulge in some positive interaction but to also get an audience to some highly inspiring presentations during working discussions.

Put in place by the government, both the institutions have the same tasks at hand ,that of keying in and deploying government schemes that are directed towards enhancing the financial and social growth of the North West and South West Regions respectively.

Focusing on these aims a major chunk of the presentations that were carried out during the working discussions were showcasing topics like “Functioning of village banks and other credit related issues”, “Sustainability strategy for Rumpi activities”, “Collaboration between SOWEDA and Rumpi in administrative issues and financial management”, “Strategy put in place to build the capacity of SOWEDA staff within the framework of its supervisory activities over Rumpi, using donor funding”, “Tools used by SOWEDA management to improve on decision making on project performance”, “Public relations strategy put in place by SOWEDA”, etc.

During the course of the presentations, the MIDENO officials were also provided a detailed idea of the administrative framework of SOWEDA and the gestation of the Rumpi Project. The final word was not just the presentations and the visit included a lot more.

Field visits had been arranged to the Ekona SOWEDA Farm, the Ekona Market and the Village Bank at Malende, in order to provide the MIDENO officers a more clear idea of some motivating campaigns by SOWEDA.

Before the visit to SOWEDA drew to a close, the visitors were once again briefed on the common strategy that was being planned towards addressing development concerns as well as battling poverty that was being conceptualized between SOWEDA and MIDENO.

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  1. leavitt mbakwa   November 5, 2015 at 9:11 pm

    Nothing new about that, talk the talk and do the walk, make it happen , ever since these agencies were created and the billions of CFA spend, very little results have been archived, just a matter of time before there are welcome to kondengui.


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