Boko Haram is Smashed, Driven out of Last Enclave

Lagos, Nigeria – The extremist group Boko Haram was finally smashed and driven out from its final forest enclave with rebels on the run and nowhere to hide, president of Nigeria announced on Saturday.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s victorious declaration came as the Islamic State group whose one bloc is an ally of Boko Haram, stated a successful assault on an army garrisons in Yobe “wounded and killed many.”

The announcements on social media claimed the attack happened on Thursday, the same day Nigerian president declared troops conquered Boko Haram in its stronghold Sambisa Forest near Borno state.

It was a mark that in spite of the announcement of Buhari, Nigeria is dubious to see an end to village attacks, suicide bombings, and violence on isolated military camps in northeastern Nigeria done by the country’s domestic Islamic extremist group. Currently, there are reports that rebels are regrouping in Bauchi and Taraba states, south of the group’s northeaster stronghold in state of Borno, and maximizing the advantage of more than 10 years of conflict in central Nigeria between the sedentary Christian farmers and the Muslim nomadic cattle growers.

In an announcement, Buhari congratulated Nigerian troops for “finally penetrating and mashing the remnants of the Boko Haram rebels at Camp Zero,” which is found deep within the middle of Sambisa Forest.

He declared the “long-awaited and most delightful news of the ultimate crushing of Boko Haram insurgents in their final enclave” and stated “the rebels are on the run, and will not have any place to hide.”
It is believed that Boko Haram was holding at Sambisa Forest some of over 200 kidnapped schoolgirls from a school in Chibok – a mass kidnapping that took the Islamic terrorist world attention and ignited worldwide social media campaign #BringBackOurGirls.

Buhari further said “Additional efforts should be strengthened to find and free our remaining Chibok schoolgirls who are still in captivity. May the Lord be with them.”

Nigerian soldiers have freed thousands of captives by Boho Haram this year, but any of the Chibok girls among the 276 grabbed from a government boarding school were included.

Many of the schoolgirls escaped with hours after their abduction. 21 Chibok girls were released in October through negotiations amid Boko Haram and the government, negotiated by the International Red Cross and the Swiss government. One Chibok schoolgirl was able to flee by herself sometime in May and some 197 schoolgirls are still missing.

Those who have been freed affirmed that a few of the remaining girls have died while in detention due to causes such as snake bites and malaria.

The seven-year Islamic revolt of Boko Haram has killed over 20,000 people, spreading across the borders of Nigeria, dislocated some 2.3 million residents from their homes, and made an immense humanitarian crisis. The United Nations has announced that 5.1 million people in northeast Nigeria are at risk of starvation, including some localities that are too perilous to reach due to attacks by Boko Haram.

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