Six (6) Dead In Cameroon Car Crash

Six (6) Dead In Cameroon Car Crash

Douala, Cameroon, Africa. (Cameroon News) – Six people were killed and many more injured in an overnight car crash on Wednesday in the town of Njombe-Penja, western Cameroon.

Two transport buses collided in bad weather conditions of heavy rainfalls that have been higher than normal for this time of year in Cameroon. The collision occurred on the Douala-Bafoussam main road at the Mbete River bridge.

Reported, five passengers and one of the drivers died instantly.

Cameroon Roads
Roads in Cameroon Africa. The road to Kribi Cameroon 2005, from Ebodje to Kribi: That’s the van we had to wait for 5 hours to return back to Kribi. There were 25 people inside, they had to stop several times because the luggage was repeteadly falling down, we had to push under the heavy rain, in the mud, the police stopped us,…and at the end I asked the driver not to pay, and he asked me to pay more, because we had had returned alive.

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