Singer Lapiro de Mbanga freed from prison following a three year sentence this Friday.

Singer Lapiro de Mbanga freed from prison...

Singer Lapiro de Mbanga Freed

Yaounde, Cameron Africa. (Cameroon News) – Singer Lapiro de Mbanga freed from prison following a three year sentence this Friday.

Singer Lapiro de Mbanga was freed from New Bell Prison in Douala on Friday 8 April 2011 at 2 pm after a three years prison sentence under torturous conditions.

The release was supposed to be on Saturday morning, but when the press called him to find out what his feelings about getting freedom after three years of rigorous imprisonment he revealed the good news.

“I have two news for you. A good one and a bad one. Which one do you want to hear? The bad one is that I will not released tomorrow. The good news is that I’m already out of prison now,” he said, with a loud laugh.

Lapiro de Mbanga : Confusion

Local media and friends of Lapiro had a lot of surprises in store for the singer to celebrate the grand occasion of his release.

The release prior to the scheduled time was not announced previously and there was a lot of confusion following the release in the local media.

There were also false stories plashed all over that said that Lapiro de Mbanga was just being transferred to a prison in Lapiro’s home town, Mbanga.

Lapiro de Mbanga, however, confirmed that the news of his freedom from prison was indeed true through a phone call at around 16:10 pm.

Lapiro de Mbanga : Is still not safe

Marie Korpe, Freemuse Executive Director, said:

“We celebrate with Lapiro and his family. We’ve worked for his release for almost three years in collaboration with many good colleagues and sister organisations. But we will continue to observe closely what happens to Lapiro de Mbanga. We know that he may still face security problems and we hope that we will be able to retain his career as soon as possible”

Lapiro de Mbanga : Followed closely internationally

The singer faced a prison sentence for a controversial song that he had sung to protest against the policies of the Biya regime called ‘Constipated Constitution’. Lapiro’s case has been an object of surveillance amongst the international audience and last year a petition was given to the UN for arbitrary detention.

Freemuse has synergized with Freedom Now, International Pen, Mondomix and his guitar provider Vigier Guitars.

Lapiro de Mbanga had received the Freedom to Create Prize in 2009. He took the prize when Freemuse visited him in Cameroon on Music Freedom Day 3 March 2011.

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