SED Officials Starts Meeting, Interrogation

SED officials led by Brigadier-General Daniel Njock Elokobi, Central Director of coordination at the National Gerdarmerie, who is a graduate from the University of Virginia in criminology and was appointed to the rank of General in March, 2011 arrived Tuesday morning at the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education.

Since their arrival, the general has been interrogating officials of the Ministry of Sports and the football federation to identify who failed to perform his duties at the proper time which resulted in the outburst from Hugo Broos, the coach of the National team after losing to Guinea in a match on March 28, 2017.

The presence of the SED officials is an indication that the government of Cameroon is obviously shocked with the event wherein what really happened in the Indomitable Lions den is being investigated. It is not certain if Hugo Broos is also being questioned.

The past week, Vice President of Fecafoot, Alioum Alhaji, spent over six hours answering questions at the judicial police regarding the press conference he had held at the federation’s headquarters in Tsinga after the Belgian tactician made some revelations.

Meanwhile, Minister of Sports and Physical Education according to a source is not happy about the meeting of Fecafoot Executive Committee summoned by President Tombi A Roko Sydiki. Strangely, resolutions of the conference also for the purpose of evaluating the Lion’s outing during the FIFA event has not been released.

Many readers of the sports world say the insinuation of SED is an obvious indicator that some would be reprimanded. It is already anticipated that Andre Nguidjol, the team coordinator, could be given up by the federation. He was the person who promised to tell the entire truth to the world if he is terminated.

For others, it is a smoke screen since the scandals involving the Lion’s den is longstanding as the National team itself and the tricks surrounding money within the team is more perplexed than that of the Financial Market world.

The outcome of the comprehensive questioning is extremely awaited by football fans.

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