Secretary General of Consortium in Cameroon Assaulted

Secretary General of SYNES-UB, Dr. Fontem A. Neba was reported to be assaulted.

The attack was on the car of Dr. Neba. The Secretary General‘s car was setup in flames while parked in front of the Health Department at the grounds of the University of Buea at 4:00am on Jan. 15.

Members of the Campus Police had difficulty putting out the flame.

It was noted that only the car of the Secretary General was burned among the many parked cars at the school premises.

In spite of the assault, Dr. Fontem is not giving up on his fight for equality and freedom in west Cameroon.

In his letter to West Cameroonians, he emphasized that their “Civil Disobedience” is the bludgeon they employ against the oppression of the present government.

The Secretary General claims that their revolution is peaceful. He reiterated that the children should stay at home in order not to be used for any form of violence.

Investigations on the said attack will give light as to what actually has happened and why was the Secretary General being assaulted.

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