SCNC Ayaba Cho Lucas Assaulted by Cameroonian Agent

Ayaba Cho Lucas, leader of the Ambazonian Governing Council was attacked by La Republique du Cameroun agent just after a conference with Mark Bareta, the Consortium provisional leader.

The agent is now on the run declared by Belgian police.

Ayaba Cho Lucas is optimistically reacting to treatments as reported by authorities.

All Southern Cameroonian leaders living outside of the country have been directly or indirectly receiving many threats.

Some weeks ago, the minister of communications of Cameroon declared in a statement that Cameroon government will be asking for the extradition of all activists from overseas and return home to face trials in Cameroon.

In the past week, an administration loyal newspaper in Yaoundé posted on its front-page the picture of Tapang Ivo, a consortium leader, with the heading WANTED!

President Paul Biya’s government is becoming overly discouraged as it little by little loosing hold on the country’s Anglophone regions.

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