Saudi-Cameroon Ties Obtain a Boost

The Saudi-Cameroon mutual agreement received a boost with the coming over of two personnel from the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) for the final discussion on developmental ventures.

The developmental ventures are included in the developmental programs which are financed by the SFD in eastern and central Cameroon in the sum of $50 million. One of the projects has started its implementation.

SFD adviser, Abdulllah Mohammed Al-Romeih and development specialist, Abdulrahman Shujaa Al-Harbi are the two representatives from SFD.

The meeting of the two SFD officials with the Ministry of Planning and Development officials was scheduled for the signing of necessary documents for the implementation of the said projects.

A spokesperson from the embassy stated that the projects’ implementation promise progress. It encourage economic and industrialization escalation for Cameroon.

Focus of the majority of these investments is on the 38 kilometers Foumban-Tibati national road, the Sangmelima-Djoum road, the 45 kilometers Bingambo-Grand Zambi regional road which link Douala to the adjacent country Congo, and the establishment of a school for industrial trades in Akwa within the economic city of Douala.

The embassy spokesperson further said that the completion of the four projects will make transportation more proficient and the transfer of products from the farms to the marketplace will be quicker.

The call of the SFD officials comes prior the visit of Saudi parliamentarians last 21st of September. Dr. Waleed Elkhereiji headed the Saudi parliamentarians.

Dr. Elkhereiji in a meeting with officials from Cameroon said that areas that can enrich teamwork between Saudi and Cameroon can be explored.

SFD has been financing developments since 1999 in Cameroon in the areas of education and health, transportation, agriculture, water, among others.

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