Rekha Rana Film Missed Oscars Nomination Again

Rekha Rana at the Oscars

“Yahan Ameena Bikti Hai”, Rekha Rana’s recognized film missed Oscars nomination by a bit.

The movie was the official entry of Cameroon which was not included in the top-five nomination under the category for Best Film in Foreign Language.

Rekha Rana is the single artist from India with two movies entered at the Oscars. The other entry from Togo, West Africa to the 87th Academy Awards was “Tara – The Journey of Love and Passion”.

Co-produced by MDS Productions of Cameroon, Yahan Ameena Bikti Hai will be shown in India this year end. Rana worked on both films with director-producer Kumar Raj.

On the other hand, Rekha Rana’s music video with Cameroonian rapper, Stanley Enow, was released in Africa. The title of the video is “Pray for Me” wherein Rekha show off her Indian dance styles in a desi avatar.

Last year, Rekha had a music video with Stanley of Cameroon and AKA of South Africa entitled “Bounce” which topped for five months the African charts.

Rekha Rana was educated at New York Film Academy in Los Angeles which makes her acts appreciated and receives a number of offers from Bollywood. She will be joining a Hollywood TV series which will be produced by Paul Maucha and ASEG Entertainment.

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