Manyu Refuse to Sing the Anthem of Cameroun

The Manyu people reject singing the national anthem of Cameroun during a cultural affair held in the town of Mamfe.

According to a source, the dramatic event happened over the weekend in Manyu.

Influential Manyu people in Yaounde declined the release of their sponsorship to the December 2016 Manyu Cultural Festival (FESTAC) in the amount of 53 million francs due to Manyu’s non-cooperation with the government’s call for federation.

Mr. Besong Michael, president of FESTAC did everything he could to generate support both from home and abroad and FESTAC 2016 was celebrated from Tuesday to Thursday of last week.

It is official that the Divisional Officer of Mamfe, the mayor, and their staff attended the occasion uninvited. During the ceremony, they pushed that the national anthem be sung to start the program. However, this order was met with stiff resistance from the Manyu people who all together refuted that they decline to sing the anthem of another country.

Sources said that a disgusted DO left in fury and wrath swearing to punish whoever! The meaning of the statement is vague.

In related news, Senator Tabetando of Mamfe Central subdivision went to Tinto town, Upper Bayang subdivision to spearhead a CPDM rally which also failed and boomeranged.

About 50 persons told the Senator directly to go to his own subdivision and let the people in his own territory listen to him.

In the meantime, Senator Anja Simon experienced the same fate of being humiliated at Akwa village in the Akwawa subdivision.

The villagers warned and threatened Senator Anja that if not because he is from this village, he should already be dead by now. The people asked him to immediately leave the village and not to provoke their ire.

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