Reactions Confounded as Fru Ndi Calls For NEC Meeting in Bamenda

There are mixed up reactions as National Chairman John Fru Ndi requested for an emergency conference of the members of the National Executive Committee of the SDF (Social Democratic Front) on Saturday, January 28, 2017 at his residence in Bamenda.

The meeting will begin at 9:00 in the morning. The agenda has not been disclosed by Fru Ndi.

However, there are two speculations as to the agenda of the meeting. One is the possibility of using article 8.2 of the party’s constitution to ouster an agitator member of the legislative body from Jakiri, Hon. Joseph Wirba for doing actions outside of the party’s advocacy.

While others are speculating that the NEC meeting will be for the purpose of congratulating and declaring the unwavering support of Hon. Nso “Warrior” in reinstating the rights of Anglophones in Cameroon.

The latter speculation is more popular among members of the party since any problem with Wirba will suppress the SDF’s good image among Anglophones who are willing to separate with any person fighting against the cause.

SDF’s Facebook page published the historic video of Hon. Wirba at the National Assembly when Hon. Wirba stated that “when injustice becomes rule, resistance becomes a duty. “

Since the FB posting, Hon. Wirba obtained popularity from different places in the world and has initiated several meetings to thrust the Anglophone program forward.

Hon. Wirda’s opposition to the DO of Kumbo and ensuing organization of a revolutionary really was a shock to the Anglophones which shown the presence of popular Mancho Bibixy now detained in Yaoundé.

The side of the SDF on the massive arrest of Anglophones is a probable agenda of the meeting called by Fru Ndi. The party has earlier given the government an ultimatum to free all those people arrested in West Cameroon before January 9 and to look for an agreeable solution to the Anglophone cataclysm.

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