President Paul Biya’s Plan to Revamp Security at Unity Palace

President Paul Biya of Cameroon is on the verge of totally changing the entire security personnel at the State House.

The colossal revamp of the private security was triggered by the widespread leakage of classified information and trafficking.

It was divulged that many of both the state and non-state law security personnel including the secret service would be displaced from the Unity Palace and the president’s villas both in M’vomeka and Yaoundé.

The 83-year old president is resolute to crackdown entirely his domestic security personnel. Included in the clean-up are those at the DSP (Directorate of Presidential Security) who are regularly installed to his private abode.

Internal sources revealed that the final decision was arrive at after tremendous insistence from the first lady. Information also leaked that Chantal Biya, president’s wife, is intending to substitute Lieutenant Mindja, her aide-de-camp.

A reliable source declared that the first lady would only be maintaining her driver and Lieutenant Colonel Etienne Honlong, her chief of security.

The principal political correspondent vaguely disclosed that detailed investigations had been initiated for a long time by DSP’s intelligence service directly managed by Major General Ivo Desancio Yenwo. The outcome of the investigations verified that the suspicions on some security staff around the first family are truthful.

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