President Paul Biya of Cameroon Invited to China

On March 3, 2017 Cameroonian President Paul Biya received an invitation to visit China through H.E. Wei Wenhua, China’s Ambassador to Cameroon during a courtesy call at the Unity Palace.

The invitation from China’s Xi Jinping states that President Paul Biya is welcome to visit China at a time convenient for both leaders.

Ambassador Wenhua declared during a press conference that even if the two countries are already engaged in an amiable bilateral relationship, there are still a lot of opportunities both countries can explore and benefit from.

China’s Xi Jinping is optimistic to work with President Paul Biya in strengthening and promoting a friendly collaboration between China and Cameroon. The bilateral ties between the two countries were established 46 years ago and both nations have worked in deepening their ties.

Both countries are eternally ready to help each other in times of need. China is thankful to Cameroon and Africa in supporting their readmission into the United Nations in 1971 and Cameroon on the other hand cannot boast of its developments without mentioning China.

China is Asia’s giant and one of the outstanding development catalysts and financiers of Cameroons’ future growth. Significant projects include Kribi Deep Seaport, Yaoundé Conference Centre, Doula-Yaoundé two-lane road, Wada Multi-purpose Sports Complex, Limbe and Bafoussam Stadiums, hydro-electric dams and many others are just some evidence of the fruitful collaboration between the two nations worth intensifying and sustaining.

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