Oyongo of Impact Neglected by Cameroon

Ambroise Oyongo, a defender of Montreal Impact was stranded in Brussels after a mix-up for another day which may cost Impact a major starter for a game against the Chicago Fire on Saturday.

The Cameroonian national soccer team overlooked to purchase for Oyongo a plane ticket back to Montreal after their win over Guinea on Tuesday in a friendly match at the Belgian capital. Oyongo should have returned to Montreal on Wednesday.

Maruo Biello, coach of Impact stated that the defender was supposed to arrive on Thursday. He further mentioned that it was very disappointing since Ambroise was stuck in Brussels instead of being able to train for the team. Impact will miss defender Laurent Cimon and midfielder Ignacio Piatti in Chicago and Oyongo is supposed to be the main player. It is very unfortunate that he was not able to come for the training.

Biello also stated that it is very difficult for players to be in this situation because instead of having their minds free from worries and be ready to help the team win, they will have a different mindset.

It is the responsibility of the soccer federation of a country to get players to and from international games. It appears that, Oyongo who lent a hand to make Cameroon win the African Cup of Nations the past month was left behind with no return ticket to Canada.

The defender told Cameroon through a website that he is left behind, waiting and no one is answering.

The defender said that he gave all his heart and soul, even his life for his country but others do not acknowledge his value. But, he said not worry because he was born and raised in Cameroon and he will not desert his country.

His Impact teammates were not happy with what had happened. Hassoun Camara said that this situation is not the first time. He said that Oyongo just won the African Cup and it is disappointing to see how the federation treats a player.

Camara added that the he hopes these eventualities will not happen again and that it is not easy if your very own national federation doesn’t care for you the right way.

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