Opposition Party of Cameroon Shuns National Unity Festivities

Opposition party Democratic Social Front (SDF), which is the most powerful opposition party of Cameroon has opted to shun the festivities of the 45th anniversary of National Unity scheduled on May 20 according to a letter issued Monday night.

John Fru Ndi, Chairman of SDF, in his speech addressing officials of the organization in the regions and districts substantiated his proposal by the failure of the present administration headed by Paul Biya to identify appropriate solutions to the issues presented by the unions of lawyers and teachers which are the main origin that cause the seven months deep crisis that has tarnished the English-speaking regions in the North-West and South-West of Cameroon.

In the same context, Ndi denounced the lack of an all-encompassing electoral code in Cameroon, the letdown of government authorities to support suitable conditions for all the citizens to live as one and the real bad effect of an invalid school year.

According to John Fru Ndi, the government of Paul Biya has not been able to respond to the numerous calls and deep hope for social solidity and democracy.

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