nspector General of the Ministry of Secondary Education Mme. Mpoudi Ngolle Evelyne Calls For Reforms In School Curricula

nspector General of the Ministry of Secondary...

Bamenda, Cameroon, Africa. (Cameroon News) – Secondary education stakeholders in the Northwest Region have been told to open up to dialogue in the move to make some reforms in the school curricula.

The appeal was made by the Inspector General of the Ministry of Secondary Education Mme. Mpoudi Ngolle Evelyne while chairing deliberations in a one-day forum in Bamenda today.

Dr. Mpoudi Ngolle Evelyne told secondary education prime movers in the Northwest Region to give room for curriculum education in the drive to meet global standard and make Cameroon an emerging nation by 2035.

In her opinion the teachers should match the school curriculum with time and space to resolve contemporary problems.

Dr. Mpoudi Ngolle Evelyne makes an explanation:

 It is a new attitude. We are advising the teachers to help with the children because now we hope the learner is the center of teaching.

The proposed curriculum reforms have been taken with a pinch of salt by some teacher trade unions. This is the reaction of the Interim National Executive Secretary General of the Cameroon Teacher’s Trade Union Mr. Atanga Bunai Christopher.

Atanga Bunai Christopher: The reforms that have been proposed by the ministry are short of taking into consideration the two subsystems of education in Cameroon. We see the reforms as an attempt to impose on the Anglophone subsystem the Francophone subsystem of education.

What is the way forward? We think that the Minister should suspend the reform so that we can get back to the drawing board, get the teachers in the classrooms who are going to implement these reforms involved in the reforms.

For the time being the debate is spinning around the demerging of biology, physics and chemistry into what is called sciences with lesser time allocation, the inclusion of ancient languages like Latin and Greek on the proposed curriculum, the sidelining of English literature among other critical issues.


Did you go through the anglosaxon curriculum in Cameroon? Do you think this changes will benefit the future students? Why are they doing this?

Share your thoughts below.

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