Nkoulou Will be on Leave from Indomitable Lions

Nicloas Nkoulou, a Cameroon defender, will take a leave from the Indomitable Lions, the national team of Cameroon. Nkoulou is one of the well paid African players in Olympic Lyon.

Being a past captain with 74 caps, Nkoulou is one of the exceptional senior players in the squad of Hugo Broos at the Nations Cup. He played as support to a number of young players such as Teikeu who were given opportunities to play.

Nkoulou stated his decision to take a break from the national team through an internet site wherein he pointed out that after winning the Africa Cup of Nations with his co-players, brothers and support of the Cameroonians, and having fulfilled his responsibility for Cameroon, he has decided to take a break from Indomitable Lions. He further declared that he would like to focus on the goals he had set for club.

From the launching of his career, he has been defending for Cameroon which guided his course. This mission was his inspiration to be motivated and be able to set his priorities. The decision of taking a break was not easy for him as he tried to evaluate the pros and cons before arriving at the ultimate decision. But, this move seems essential for him and concurs with his main purpose. After all, once a Lions will always be a Lions.

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