Nigeria Erroneously Bombed Camp Killing More Than 100

A Borno state official declared that on a mission against Boko Haram rebels, an air force fighter of Nigeria erroneously bombed a refugee camp on Tuesday. More than 100 refugees and aid staff were killed in the bombing.

With a request not to be named for being not authorized to give comments to reporters, the state government official spoke with the Associated Press while assisting in the evacuation of the wounded people by helicopters.

Major General Lucky Irabor affirmed the erroneous bombing in northeast Rann along the border with Cameroon. He stated that several civilians were killed.

Apparently, it was the first incident that the military of Nigeria has admitted to being wrong.
Red Cross International Committee confirmed that six Nigerian Red Cross personnel and volunteers were among those who were killed and 13 more were wounded.

The said personnel and volunteers were part of the team that brought highly needed food for more than 25,000 displaced people in the area per the statement of Jason Straziuso, spokesman from Nairobi, Kenya.

Irabor added without providing exact number that Nigerians working for “Doctors Without Borders” and 2 soldiers were among the wounded.

A team of Doctors Without Borders based in Rann reported to have cared for 120 wounded people and counted 50 dead bodies.

Etienne I’Hermitte’s spokeman in Geneva asked authorities through a statement to make possible cross-border land and air mass departure.

The statement further declared that the surgical and medical teams of Doctors Without Borders in Chad and Cameroon are ready to care for wounded patients. They have close communications with their teams who are astounded following the event.

According to Irabor, he sent the mission based on intelligence report that Boko Haram rebels were assembling in the area together with geographic coordinates. He said that it is premature to say if a tactical error has occurred.

A general in-charge northeast Nigeria for counterinsurgency operations said that the air force will not purposely target civilians and that an investigation will take place.

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