Mikel Almost Make Clattenburg Quit Refereeing

Mark Clattenburg, Premier League referee broke his silence over a conflict with Mikel John Obi, Chelsea’s midfielder.

In January 2, 2012, Clattenburg was indicted of saying “shut up you monkey” to Super Eagles’ captain international, Obi.

The FA acknowledged the midfielder had believed the referee had ethnically abused him, but Clatteburg was found not guilty of the case.

Mikel, Chelsea star was consequently given a 3-match ban and fined £60,000 for threatening behavior by the FA.

Clattenburg in a special interview only talk about the incident and the effect of it on him.
He revealed to AP” “It was a difficult moment in life and the heaviness were tremendous. It took me a short while to return because I didn’t know if I still would like to referee or not. I think I lost the desire for refereeing.”

“I am well decided now. I do what I perceive is correct. I am a trained person, but I must be sure that I relate my personality to the field because you must have character and not machines. Players want a bit of personality.”

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