Male Twins was Delivered by a 60 Year Old Woman in Cameroon

Male twins was fruitfully delivered by a sixty-year old lady in Cameroon via surgery. The two male babies were delivered at Yaoundé   Gynaecological Endoscopic and Human Reproductive Teaching Hospital.

The amazing event happened on April 27, 2017, Thursday. The lady who is already in her menopause stage acquired her babies through in vitro fertilization method. The lady is one of a number of women of elder age who have conceived via in vitro fertilization in Cameroon.

Two other ladies aged 55 and 52 were distinguished as hopeful mothers during the inaugural ceremony of the said hospital by the founder, Chantal Biya in May 2016.

Both the blissful mother and her little twins are reported to be doing well at the Gynaecological Endoscopic and Human Reproductive Teaching Hospital in Yaoundé which is commended as the best in the entire Central Africa.

It is calculated that thirty percent of couples in Cameroon are having problems with infertility. This hospital may help childless couples realize their dreams of having babies; there is a growing concern on the cost of the services.

It is estimated that for a couple to go through the in vitro fertilization, they must have at least CFA 2 million. With the current cost, very few couples may afford it.

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