Lord Justice Paul Ayah Abine’s Arrest Drama may End Appallingly

Lord Justice Paul Ayah Abine of the Supreme Court of Cameroon’s arrest was given tremendous criticism from other countries. Several newspapers have received reports that Cameroon’s President Biya has expressed his disgust with Justice Minister Laurent Esso who allured Ayah Paul into the Supreme Court.

The Lord Justice’s apprehension has made a ridicule of Cameroon as a nation within the countries of the world. Some European investors are even pulling out of their already contracted business undertakings in Cameroon.

Informants at the Supreme Court implied that Justice Paul Ayah, an Anglophone judge, cannot be put into trial under the current situations and the provisions of article 629 of the penal code of Cameroon.

The arrest of Justice Paul Ayah was ordered by Laurent Esso who is currently under fire from other Supreme Court Francophone judges. Sources believe that Esso is in danger of being ousted from his office.

The ineffectual Justice Minister is working on to make Lord Justice Paul Ayah to pronounce that he has retired from being the Supreme Court’s Lord Justice because of his age.

Apparently, Paul Ayah is already 65 and similar with other Supreme Court judges, he can opt to retire when he prefers.

Therefore, the retirement that is presently being presented to him is seen to be sinfully ruthless strategy to put him into jail. Lord Justice Paul Ayah is manifestly not consenting to speaking with junior judges at the military panel in Yaoundé.

One Response to "Lord Justice Paul Ayah Abine’s Arrest Drama..."

  1. jasper likakene   February 27, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    Justice Ayah must stand tall. The fight will not be in vain. Laurent Esso Should be fired and arrested for human right s Violation and abuse of office. The problem is that Biya himself is afraid of Esso because he has secrets on Biya and including the death of his former wife murdered by Esso on Biya’s behalf. Esso runs the secret police and Gendarme unit responsible for murdering regime opponents.
    If Biya is not afraid of him he must fire him.


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