Internet Restored at Restless Anglophone Region in Cameroon

Internet restored at the restless Anglophone region in Cameroon as ordered by President Paul Biya.

The internet was cut off three months ago amid the protests in opposition to the predominantly French-speaking government of Cameroon President Paul Biya.

Cameroon military men have deliberated effort in stopping the protests in the English-speaking region that exploded last October, arresting and thrashing protesters, some of whom now are charged with death penalty in military courts.

The chaos has exposed the division of the country between the regions of Cameroon that were in history colonized by the British and the French. The turmoil has also been an avenue for resistance to President Biya’s 35-year rule.

Communications Minister Issa Tchiroma announced in a statement that outwardly the conditions that led to the suspension of the internet to that region of national territory have changed a lot. Therefore, the President of the country has instructed the Communications Minister to re-establish the internet connections in the southwest and northwest regions.

Cutting the internet was a particular let down for Cameroon’s Silicon Mountain, as it was locally called, a huddle of technical start-ups in the region that had been booming before the crackdown?

At least six protesters have been gunned down and hundreds were arrested during the protests which caught the attention of human rights groups.

The shutdown of the internet has been seen as a way of collective punishment by the government.

The League of Nations after World War 1 has divided Kamerun, a former German colony between the allied British and French victors. Electorates from the small English-speaking region after Cameron’s independence in 1960 chose to join the country instead of neighboring Nigeria, but often experience that they are being marginalized by the French-speaking government of Cameroon.

A social media user in the city of Bamenda said that finally internet restored in the region and he is very happy to be back on Facebook after the internet was restored. Now, everyone is beginning to contact each other to let know that the lines are okay.

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