Internet Blockage in Cameroon – Mainly Buea and Bamenda

Reports by BBC Africa News reveal that manifold reports claim that there is an ongoing internet blockage in Cameroon especially in the agitated English-speaking regions of Buea and Bamenda.

The US-based internet content delivery company, Akamai Technologies Inc., stated in a tweet that there was a notable disruption of internet interchange at 11:45 p.m. EAT (20:45 GMT) last night.

Dyn Research in a tweet uploaded a graph revealing a drop in internet connections in Cameroon.

The internet obstruction in the country was declared due to government directed shutdown.

Many speculate that the directed shutdown is in connection with the political unrest in the said regions.

It was noted that tension continues in the North-Western Cameroon resulting in a push by the people in the Anglophone region against campaign to decree the use of French language in courts and schools.

In another tweet, it was stated that the government arrested Consortium leaders and cut off internet connections in Buea and Bamenda.

One social media user added that not only in Buea and Bamenda the internet connection was very spotty and unsteady, but also in Douala.

It was impossible to get information from Anglophone regions since the internet was blocked.

MTN attributed the internet shutdown to technical failure, but many are experiencing difficulty since there was no connection in Bamenda and some areas of the South West region.

A certain Takunaw Tambi said that in the city of Douala, his data connection is working, but his family and friends in Buea are completely cut off.

Many have confirmed that there was indeed internet blockage in the North-West and South-West regions of Cameroon.

Bamenda and Buea are the two capitals of Anglophones.

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