Hugo Broos – All African Teams at 2017 AFCON are Strong

Coach Hugo Broos of Cameroon said that Africa Nations cup will present more challenging games than at the World Cup as all teams in this competition are strong.

The former Belgian international player who used to be a member of a team which ended at fourth place in 1986 in Mexico said that he was a player at the World Cup, but the games at AFCON is something special, it is more intense, this is Africa.

Hugo Broos added that there are many international games in Europe where there is about a six or seven goal break between teams. But, as a Cameroon coach for the seven games he had at AFCON, he hardly saw any difference between the teams.

There are 16 teams who can possibly win the Nations Cup which makes it a very difficult assignment for him. The competition started on Saturday.

Hugo Broos’Cameroonian team played after the opening game between newcomers Guinea Bissau and Gabon, the host, at the Stade l’Amitie. The game with Burkina Fasso forced Cameroon to a 1-1 draw.

Accordingly, Cameroon 20 years ago had a game wherein they scored twice in the first half and won the competition. This experience makes the team to become overconfident which coach Broos see as an error.
This time, it is not simple to win in Africa, even against the hypothetically weaker teams.

Nations Cup historically always throws up surprises. There is never a game that can make you feel that you are going to win.

Cameroon is set to meet Guinea Bissau during the first round as they battle for their fifth Nations Cup title. Their latest title was in 2002.

Hugo Broos stated that they want to be at the quarter finals and then will determine what they can do from there. Cameroon aims to win the title.

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