Hon Wirba Reveals Orders to Kill Him

Hon Wirba told Southern Cameroonians about a squad that was ordered by the colonial government of La République, Yaoundé to end his life.

According to the Revolutionary head on his 13th March communication on Facebook that he is at the moment on self exile in the United States due to the administration’s military muggers who are on track of him.

Sometime at the end of last year, sources confirmed Joseph has fled through Nigeria. Accordingly, the government’s order to kill him is due to his confession of the truth in the parliament and for urging on MPS about Anglophone decent to come back home.

On Feb. 12, Hon Wirba had a speech to thank all people for the success of the Plebiscite Day Defiance and  to call for the Consortium to set a date for MPs of West Cameroon to come back home.

He also mentioned that the happenings of Feb. 11 across towns and villages were historic. Even though the threats and blackout on the internet created by the government, the enormous Passive Resistance Campaign was message of unity among the people of West Cameroon was manifested.

Hon Wirba recognized the leadership of Mark, Tassang and Ivo of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium for speaking on the plight of the millions of vulnerable and disadvantaged people of West Cameroon.

He further stated that the administrators and their cronies are running out of strategies to eradicate and suppress the Anglophone leaders and supporters. The administration is accusing the Anglophones as rebels and extremists.

Hon Wirba was declared persona non grata by the pro-Paul Biya administration and is threatened to be killed by a squad from Yaoundé. The revealed order to kill Wirba is written in his message to the Anglophone supporters and leaders within Cameroon and outside in different countries.

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