Government Donates Bikes to Enhanced Defence against Boko Haram

The Defence Minister under the office the President, Joseph Beti Assomo congratulated members of vigilante groups in Kolofata in the Shari and Logone Division of the Far North Region for their sacrifice in helping defence and security forces protect their neigbourhood from the barbaric terrorist Boko Haram.

The congratulatory message and words of encouragement were delivered during Assomo’s trip to the region to incite the soldiers battling the Boko Haram terrorists. The Minister spent New Year’s Eve with the military personnel and paid respect to the constituents of the military and vigilante groups who given their life defending Cameroon.

Assomo contributed motorcycles to emissaries of the vigilante groups in the towns most hit by the terrorist assaults. Under the supervision of the military forces, the bikes will be utilized to check and seize suspected members of Boko Haram in the localities. He encouraged the constituents to remain attentive and vigilant accentuating that Boko Haram has been notably weakened, but is still perilous as they have opted to improvised explosives and suicide bombings.

Life is constantly going back to usual in the formerly abandoned town of Kolofata where military strategies against the attacks of Boko Haram were severed within the past two years. This situation has lead to an improvement in economic activities and progress between Cameroon and Nigeria. In order to uplift the welfare of the population, Minister Assomo stated that new border stations between Cameroon and Nigeria will be established. The Minister added that the methodical scanning and offloading of trucks going inside Cameroon will be minimized to trucks alleged to be carrying illegal goods.

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