Google Hacking Competition’s First Black Student Winner is from Cameroon

During the Google Code-In competition in 2016, Google gave over $3 million reward to hackers for exposing vulnerabilities in the company’s devices and software. The contest’s winner Collins Nji is also the primary Black student to win such kind of competition. He is 17 years old from Cameroon.

This is a yearly competition conducted by Google for students between thirteen to seventeen years old who are in pre-university. These chosen students are provided with diverse tasks with the aim of hacking open source software. Such remuneration base vulnerability course intends to help Google to ascertain hack-proof software. Collins listed and joined the course and became the 2016 international Grand Prize Winner.

Despite Cameroon government’s banning of internet connections in the North Western and South Western Regions, Collins was able to persevere. The African winner needed to travel 38 miles from Bamenda to Bafoussam just to tender solutions to the competition and return to his hometown where he carry on his work.

Winning in the competition gave Collins the privilege of travelling to the headquarters of Google located at Mountain View, California. He will be meeting the team of Google Open Source as well as Google’s Software Engineering members. The young student from Cameroon will also have the chance of meeting hackers from the world over to conduct intensive scholarly and cultural trade.

Collins showed extreme excitement and said that he was overly excited, but exhausted as well. Accordingly, he was able to realize that he obtained new level of knowledge in Open Source world.

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