Fuming Cameroonian Woman Sends Husband’s Naked Photo Online after Catching Him with His Girlfriend in a Hotel

Wife of Douala city council CPDM mayor and a known member of the administration sent his naked photo on social media after allegedly catching him with one of his girlfriends in a hotel.

The mayor did not agree to resign even with the naked photo went viral on social media.

Information from Cameroon Intelligence Report stated that the mayor had a successful and lengthy session in a hotel with one of his several girlfriends when his wife came rushing inside the room and took pictures of him. The wife is said to be a publisher.

The social media followers doubt the intention of the publisher’s curiosity in posting on the internet a snapshot of a naked man she claims to be her spouse. A lot of people are puzzled if this is a blackmail that did not succeed or an attempt to tear down the image of the deputy mayor?

These occurrences are becoming evident in Cameroon notwithstanding a new penal code changed into law that stipulates rigorous penalty on assaults on privacy by means of social media.

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