Francis Ngannou – UFC Heavyweight Prospect for 2017

Ngannou from Europe is lined up amongst the exciting new prospects in the UFC Heavyweight. He was born in Cameroon.

The record of this fighter is exemplary and for less than a year of promotion is being eyed as champion in the making.

He landed into several publications’ prospects for the current year and his fight against Andrei Arlovski this weekend is said to be Ngannou’s biggest fight ever.

At age 30, heavyweight fighter Francis Ngannou stands 6-feet 4 with a professional record of 9-1. He is called “The Predator”. Not many fighters like him has highly interesting story.

Due to poverty, he decided to leave Cameroon and go to France for the betterment of life. He thought that boxing will lead him to a better life; however it did not turned out as he expected.

Three years back in Paris, Ngannou was able to learn the sport while he is roving in the MMA Factory. It was in MMA where he began his professional debut.

He is even without home when he started training and ultimately became successful in his fighting career. Two years after 2013, Ngannou was able to land in the octagon holding a record of 5-1.

Ngannou is consistently victorious from then on.

The charisma of this gentle speaking fighter goes even outside the octagon and that made him special.

Such remarkable story paved the way for Ngannou to be in the UFC. This made him highly looked at by the youth in Cameroon and likewise in France.

Just a thought of him, which started fighting just recently devastates UFC; and it demonstrates how dangerous Ngannou to be in the heavyweight division.

Even under unlikely environment when he started. Ngannou became popular in the place wherein MMA is considered illegal.

He ends every fight he has to please the crowd and only lost a contest in his career. His devastating way of fighting immediately made Ngannou a superstar in the UFC Heavyweight that will surely lead the way to be highly talked about in the future.

Ngannou is a strong fighter. Any opponent that fights him is in danger of devastation due to his huge body and great fighting power.  He demonstrated that he is not only capable of just throwing punches on his last fight.

He was able to see the opportunity applying the Kimura submission to Anthony Hamilton in response against being pinned down in their fight. In the heavyweight division such technique is uncommon.

Most fighters that compete in the UFC mix prior to their hitting double figures being a professional fighter and it can be clearly seen that they missed excellent resistance.

However, Ngannou faced every opponent and was proven highly dominant against other competitors in the heavyweight division.

As he worked out his way towards the main card, he and Hamilton helped top UFC Fight Night 102 to join the main event.

In his heavyweight fight against Hamilton, Ngannou is favourite over the latter who has inconsistency issues.

Although the crowd expected another knockout in the fight, the Kimura submission surprised them in the first round; one thing to appreciate about Ngannou.

This demonstrated that Ngannou is not just a plain striker in the UFC Heavyweight, but was able to assert being the fighter to watch out in 2017.

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