Former France Coach to Help Train Cameroon Voluntarily

Coach Philippe Saint-Andre of France will assist on a voluntary capacity the Cameroonian team in the African Cup in May.

Coach Saint-Andre gave up his job as coach of France in 2015 after four years with the squad. During those 4 years, the Les Bleus did not finish higher than fourth place in the Six Nations, unsuccessful in beating Wales, New Zealand, Ireland or South Africa and were debased at the World Cup.

He revealed to AFP that his gracious help is a result of a request from a Cameroonian friend.

Cameroon will face Nigeria on May 6 and Algeria the preceding week in Yaoundé for the third level of the African competition.

Saint-Andre pointed out that there are about 15 to 18 Cameroonians who participate in France for the third, fourth, and the fifth divisions. Therefore, Coach Saint-Andre will try to create a team who can play towards their home crowd in their capital.

The tournament coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Federation.

The game strategy is to take the Cameroonian players from their French squads for at least two weeks and get the same number of Cameroonian players, and let them play in opposition to each other. This is a challenge for both teams that will be formed and a good training for the Cameroonian players.

Saint-Andre added that there are several good players which include Olivier Missoup of Racing 92, Arsene Nnomo of Agen, and Christian Njewel of Lyon and Robins Tchale-Watchou of Montpellier.

Although forwards are more than backs, there are still many good players in France, he ended.

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