Five Cameroonians Reported Dead in Apartment in Yasamal District

Five dead bodies of Cameroonian nationals were found inside an apartment in Yasamal District, Baku on January 1.

The five Cameroonians were reported by the police to have died from carbon monoxide poisoning inside an apartment in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, which they have been renting.

The names of the five Cameroonians were Nzemele Ezzambe Linus, Njonyoh Nans Ekum, Nikbenti Nombiye Leves, Taken Pau Ata and Senan Nike.

The police reported further that Njonyoh Nans Ekum and Nzemele Ezzambe Linus were Azerbaijan Technical University students and the other three were football players.

The unpleasant incident is still under investigation.

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