Finance Ministry – Cameroon Needs FCfa 1,145 Billion Borrowing for 2017

Finance Ministry (Minfi) declared that the debt requisite of Cameroon is FCfa 1,145 billion for 2017.

The said borrowing requirement shall be covered with FCfa 560 billion in local loans and FCfa 585 billion in international loans.

Cameroon Finance Ministry plans at the end of 2017 that the anticipated outstanding fresh public securities issuances must be made up of 89.29% of long and medium term securities (local bonds which include FCfa 260 billion of bank loans).

For the country’s cashflow management requirements, the Treasury could opt as needed, to issuance of bonds, whilst ensuring that by month end of December 2017, the outstanding exchangeable treasury bonds be remunerated in 2018 and instruments issued will not exceed the maximum amount of FCfa 560 billion.

For the particular case of bank loans or treasury bonds, the strategy of Cameroon is the proposed issuance of a fresh instrument. These are treasury bonds with seven-year term to create direct loans or rate trend with a maturity of 10 years, and at least three years for grace period.

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