Famoco Partners with Orange Cameroon for Efficient Distribution

FAMOCO, the leading company in secure professional Android gadgets announced its key commercial partnership with Orange Cameroon. This partnership is predicted to increase the effectiveness of FAMOCO’s distribution network which comprises reduction of fraud, theft, and loss of data; and to boost compliance needs.

Orange utilizes the technology of FAMOCO to hasten the digitization of circulation in Africa by equipping sales representatives in the field. The technology aids in identifying buyers better, enhance the efficiency of the agent and help minimize loss and theft.

In Africa, there are no physical stores where consumers can buy phones and pre-paid SIM cards. They are sold in an indirect approach on the street through a group of thousands of Orange agents. So, these agents must be equipped with the correct business tools to offer the finest service to the customers of Orange.

Orange Cameroon was not happy with their existing tools. The available Smartphones on the market are created for general public therefore are not secured for professional use. Data can be easily copied illegally or falsified since users can download games, applications and access the internet.

In Orange’s quest for new sales tools, it was attracted to the capabilities of the FAMOCO solution and its FX200 gadget. The gadget is closed, secure and very customizable for business requirements. It has a big screen useful for mobile workers and users can easily take notes and save documents and data.

FX200 device can assist Orange to identify customers and take full control of the devices of their field agents. This assistance and capabilities enable the company get more sales, deliver efficient service and manage their agents more effectively.

The partnership also helps the business community enhance their performance and services, and obtain a more secure connection.

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