Ex-Governor Oben Peter Ashu of SW/NW Regions Died

Oben Peter Ashu, ex-governor of the North West and South West regions of Cameroon is dead. An Anglophone, Governor Oben Peter Ashu came from the division of Manyu in the South West Region.

After an extended sickness, he passed away yesterday at the Limbe Regional Hospital. He is well remembered for his popular slogan “Come no Go” pertaining to the non-indigenous inhabitants of the south west region for the duration of his term as governor.

While South West governor, he indicted the migrant populace, which became a majority than the indigenous settlers in main urban neighborhoods of the region.

Being one of those “mind conditioned”, he initiated the division of Anglophone and was indicted of parleying the Anglophone identity as he held out in the side of President Biya against the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon.

He declared that the South West was all set to be at war in order to let President Biya stay in power. On the other hand, the government of President Biya acknowledged and promoted the actions of Governor Pert Ashu against a repercussion of public denigration.

The ex-governor had conveyed penitence for his transgressions against humanity in 2004 accompanied by his close relatives in a Catholic Church Bokwango Parish Fako division. People who saw him that time stated that he shown a happy appearance after the service while greeting parishioners.

In caucus with the Parish Council at that time, the ex-governor clarified his Reign of Terror in Buea as Human Flaw. He declared that he had confessed and asked for forgiveness from Anglophones of North West foundation.  He claimed that he only acted upon what was expected of him being under President Biya in order to maintain his governorship.

In a sorrowful tone, he begged for forgiveness, understanding and compassion. He further avowed that in truth, he doesn’t hate Bamenda people and that he is actually a different person from what other people have known him.

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