Douala Becomes Cameroon’s Waste Disposal Capital

Douala is known as the economic capital of Cameroon many years ago. Today, Douala is not only crowned as the economic capital but could be as the Waste Capital of Cameroon.

City residents are troubled and tired of the happenings in Douala concerning the collection and clearance of domestic waste.

An unhappy housewife in Bonaberi revealed that Hysacam, the company responsible for collecting domestic waste is not doing its work.

She declared that there are instances when Hysacam takes over three weeks before it is able to collects the wastes. Sometimes, even if the residents take the waste to the trash cans of Hysacam, the company will delay collecting the trash cans which causes pollution within the community especially at the markets in Bonaberi.

Sellers around the Grand Hangar Market are also having the same sentiments. They are having difficulty selling their products because of the bad smell coming from the uncollected wastes. The pollution even causes sickness among the residents.

A staff from Hysacam stated that it is not easy for them to collect the wastes since they don’t have enough vehicles and if these trucks get out of order, the waste collection worsens.

The good news is that the city council and stakeholders of waste management of Douala are in conference and seriously talk about the possible ways to manage the waste and keep Douala clean.

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