Donald Trump Wins Votes from Electoral College

To be pronounced as the United States’ president, Donald Trump was able to secure the necessary 270 Electoral College votes. Trump was able to solicit 304 votes from the electors despite the growing pressure to separate from the Republican president-elect. Only a few of Texan GOP electors manifested their protest by voting for Ohio Governor John Kasich and former Representative Ron Paul.

Trump was announced as the 45th president of the United States by the Electoral College. The vote assures the New York billionaire and reality TV star to succeed Barack Obama on Jan. 20, 2017, after winning over Hillary Clinton, his opponent during the elections on Nov. 8. To formally elect the president, the electors come together in every state capital including Washington, DC.

Vice President –elect Mike Pence tweeted “Congratulations to Donald Trump; officially elected President of the United States today by the Electoral College!” The vote came during a time when the Democrats were focused on highlighting the idea that Trump has won the presidency through Russian support, an accusation denied by both the Trump campaign and Moscow.

According to Pennsylvania State Elector Tina Pickett, Trump lost to Hillary the popular vote by a 2.8 million difference on Nov 8. The basis of the difference is the people’s vote.  The people exercised their right to vote and made their vote.

Protesters outside the venue for the meeting in Harrisburg were chanting “Vote your conscience, He’s not our President,” but Pickett thought that nothing will change and nothing can be done to reverse the outcome of the election.

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