Dockworkers Strike Holds Up Exports in Cameroon Now has Resumed Work, Ngo

Dockworkers that are on strike have frozen goings-on at Douala, major port in Cameroon. Almost 200 striking dockworkers have stopped working due to a dispute over salary and working terms.

The strike was triggered by the death of a dockworker that was disadvantaged by inadequate health insurance even if the workers are paying a monthly insurance premium monthly out of their salaries, according to the strikers.

24,500 tons of coffee was exported last season by Cameroon and there are about 12 tons now held up on the port due to the protests.

The political scene in Cameroon recently has become intense as the nation is getting ready for a general election this coming year. Protests are escalating against the 35-year rule of President Paul Biya.

The strikers went back to work after an agreement between the strikers and the general manager of the port, Cyrus Ngo was reached. However, details of the agreement were not provided to the public.

Some strikers even went back to work earlier to help load perishable foods, declared by one of the leaders of the dockworkers’ union.

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