Matip Discloses Reasons for Turning Down Cameroon

Joel Matip discloses his reason for turning down the Cameroon return is to concentrate on the campaign of Liverpool’s Premier League.

After winning his 27th international caps in 2015 for Les Lions, he left the team but was offered by Coach Hugo Broos to come back for the Africa Cup of Nations next month in Gabon.

Matip’s desire to focus on Liverpool’s goal for a victory at Premier League was revealed as the reason for the rejection of Cameroon’s offer.

He told that it was a tough decision to make but he had to focus on Liverpool and that is why he decided to turn Cameroon’s offer down. He added that he thinks he made the right decision.

Matip’s absence is perceived as a big blow to Cameroon’s opportunity to win a fifth title in Africa Cup of Nations as they are playing with Gabon, Guinea-Bissau, and Burkina Faso in Group A for the African tournament.

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