Defense Force for Southern Cameroon Launched

A defense force was formed by the sovereign people of ex-British Cameroon.

The purpose of the creation is to train, sensibilize young people to the formation of an armed front, to battle law enforcement military in the South-West and North-West regions.

The newly-created force is neither an activist nor a revolutionary group, but only an army projected to protect people and properties and to preserve internal peace within the Southern Cameroon communities.

Since the independence of Southern Cameroon in 1961, this part of Cameroon never had an armed force of its own.  Consequently, its police from West Cameroon have vanished.

The self-proclaimed Chief of Defense Staff of Southern region of Cameroon is Nsoh Foncha.  His live video on his declaration has gone viral.

Several people have welcomed the deed which is important in restoring the statehood of the people in the Southern regions of Cameroon.

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