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  1. Jasmine   September 23, 2017 at 9:54 pm


    I am a minister based in Seattle Washington. I have been counseling a young woman named Pasiah Doris who lives in Buea for a few weeks now.

    Pasiah has been experiencing domestic violence and sexual abuse for three years. She has reported this abuse twice to the police. The police made her sign an undertaking, and no further punishment was given to the abuser. She is under the impression that the police in Cameroon is not serious about her situation. The Abuser continues to berate her with threats, attacks, and sexual abuse. This man has also threatened to kidnap the daughter they have together.

    I’m contacting you because you are a pillar of your community. I’m hoping that you can provide me with resources that will get Pasiahs case heard.

    Thank You

    Jasmine Thomas

  2. Jamy robert   April 19, 2017 at 7:49 am

    Bonjour /Mme Je suis Camerounais je vis a lexterieur du cameroun je veux juste poser
    une question au dirigeant cameounais
    pour les ils sont mechant
    construire une maison paraille comf celle de ce Felix Zamba est ce que lui il pense
    au bien des autre camerounais quand il vole l’l argent du cameroun
    il va faire quoi avec cette maison ?
    Paul biya et sa bande de voleur
    ils pensent un jour au camerounais ?
    ils voillent comment le peuple souffre?
    ils savent que d autres n ont pas de salaires pendant des annees ?
    trop c est trop
    il et tant de faire changer les chauses au


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