Confirmed H5N8 Bird Flu Outbreak in Cameroon

H5N8 Bird Flu Virus – Announcement from the Cameroon government was out hours ago confirming that reports have been obtained from the northern part of the country being inflicted with the highly contagious H5N8 bird flu virus.

The report from Cameroon on an incident of the extremely contagious H5N8 virus was confirmed by the World Organization for Animal Health.

Referring to a report from the Ministry of Livestock of Cameroon, the World Organization for Animal Health further said that the bird flu virus was observed in early January in village chickens, exotic peacocks, and ducks.

The H5N8 has not been established deadly on humans, but is lethal for poultry. The virus has spread all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East since 2016. The outbreak of the virus has lead to the butchery of millions of poultry and the incarceration of flocks indoors.

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