Cocoa Farmgate Prices Unchanged In Cameroon for February

Cocoa farmgate prices in Cameroon remained the same compared with prices in January.  Prices for these months are very much lower than last year’s levels as farmers maintained to encounter a prolonged dry season and a worldwide decline in prices, declared by farmers on Friday.

Prices were between 750 CFA francs per kilogram of beans in one district in southwest to 1,000 CFA francs in portion of the central region and in other places are 38 percent lower compared to January and February of last year.

Several farmers requested authorities to put into effect the prices set by the National Office of Cocoa and Coffee (ONCC), which are between 930 CFA francs per kilogram to 1,050 CFA francs per kilogram.

James Lobe, a southwestern farmer urged ONCC to launch control missions on the field to penalize exporters who do not purchase at the stipulated price.

However, an exporter in Douala declared that the prices set down by ONCC could not be executed because these prices do not reflect the costs of personnel, means of transportations and fuel. He also protested that there are roads that are taxing to access.

Conversely, Emmanuel Awaha Nkok, a farmer in Libong projects prices to escalate with the upcoming rainy season in the middle of March.

The cocoa season in Cameroon is from August to July with the major harvest usually from October to January or February and a minor harvest from April to July.

The following are the average farmgate prices in CFA francs per kilogram listed all over the growing regions:

Region/District Price per Kilogram for January and February

Southwest Mamfe                          800

Muyuka                                           800

Konye                                               750

Kooumba                                         800

Emana                                              900

Centre Mbalmayo                           1000

Bafia                                                  1000

South Ebolowa                                 980

East Bertousa                                   900

Sangmelima                                      980

Yokadouma                                       800

($1 = 622.4000 CFA francs)

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